Anxiety is already a part of our lives as a way of adapting to various events around us. Each person has already experienced anxiety even in day-to-day activities like studying for exams, hearing negative news, preparing corporate reports, and even waiting for something that has yet to come. Anxiety can also become our greatest ally in determining dangers and unpleasantness around us. A dark street or a suspicious stranger can trigger anxiety that lets our most primitive survival response take over; the fight or flight response.

However, the question remains. Should we allow anxiety to linger? Or do we need to let go of it some time?

Like everything else, too much anxiety brings harm to our system. Being too anxious especially with unreasonable causes can become a problem when it goes out of hand. We have identified some of the negative effects of anxiety to us.

  • Anxiety Reduces Productivity – Most work and school-related non-productivity is caused by anxiety. Thinking too much of our problems can affect the way we think and what we think. It clouds our initiative preventing us from thinking properly. It makes us lose our concentration making us vulnerable to illogical decisions that can affect work and/or studies.
  • Anxiety Affects Social Life – Anxious people are usually irritable and edgy. Ever have a friend in one of your social networks complain about his/her problems online? It is a common scenario among people with anxiety disorder to vent out problems online. Even offline especially in social gatherings, anxiety affects how a person interacts with others. It becomes an issue when someone with anxiety disorder starts showing signs of discomfort.
  • Anxiety Harms the Body – The human body produces chemicals and hormones to combat unusual experiences whether internal or external. Anxiety raises the level of chemicals and hormones produced by our body to counteract the overwhelming feeling. Too much of these chemicals and hormones is harmful to the system.
  • Anxiety Leads to Addiction – When chemicals from the body are not enough to relieve the negative feeling, a person with anxiety disorder resorts to external stimulants like alcohol, food, and drugs. These stimulants may or may not provide temporary relief but these can cause harm to the body when taken in large and frequent doses.
  • Anxiety Causes Death – Depression, a severe condition caused by anxiety, has been one of the most common reasons for suicide. A person plagued with anxiety is in a constant state of fear, worry, and dread. These can lead to severe despondency that causes a person to question his/her existence and purpose leading to self-mutilation.

Anxiety disorder is a serious condition that needs immediate treatment from an expert therapist using proven methods in relieving anxiety disorder and other related issues. Body and Mind Natural Health is a leading expert in quit-smoking, weight-loss, and treating stress-related conditions particularly anxiety, depression, and traumas/phobias.

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