Windsor Quit Smoking

The first reaction many have is how is it possible to get such a success rate? The secret lies in the idea that we DO NOT do anything you have already tried!

In truth, most methods available and highly promoted do not work and have a very low success. Backed by the powerful pharmaceutical companies and pushed to doctors that then push it to you. Most of these things are not only dangerous but they can cause serious harm you. One of the side effects of Champix is suicide. Not something anyone should use but doctors are told to promote this dangerous option because this is how desperate quitting has become.

There is an EASY and SAFE way but it is not promoted in doctors’ offices because it is NATURAL and there are NO DRUGS involved.

The Body & Mind system is totally different. It is SAFE, NATURAL, and EASY. It is the only system that removes cravings and the thoughts of smoking. It is a unique combination of methods that combines LASER and HYPNOSIS. It uses a cool light laser process that removes cravings while relaxing the body. The hypnosis process helps remove cravings while reducing stress. With the Body & Mind Quit Smoking Program, you will not only QUIT SMOKING you will be more relaxed as a non-smoker than you were as a smoker.

We also spend time to explain all the processes and how they work and why they will work for you. A simple and easy method that has been proven with 1000s of smokers since the 1990s. We have helped people smoking up to 5 packs per day to those of a few a week.

We know we can help you or your loved ones. Why attempt a method of quitting that stresses you out when you can do the relaxing Body & Mind Quit Smoking Program.

Call us to learn more and how you can become smoke FREE in on session! We then support you over the next 3 weeks to make sure there are NO cravings or old desires. No one has a better success and no one understands smoking, smokers and how to help you become SMOKE FREE.

You can call the office at 519-948-0078 Body and Mind in Windsor, Ontario to book your appointment or to get more information.

Call Us and YOU will be glad you did!

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