Everyone knows someone that is having some issues managing emotions, thoughts and feelings. In fact we have all at one point ourselves have felt some of this as well.

1562Like most serious issues the most logical thing many do is go to their medical doctor and get a script to “numb” the pain or many just do nothing because they figure it will pass like bad weather. Some may go to different therapies and relive the issues over and over in hopes that the words lose meaning. Talk therapy really can help but many of the clients I see tell me that although it helped it never went away. This is why many people I see come in because they are not satisfied with just making it a little better – they want it gone! or at least they want tools and techniques to help manage thoughts in the future. This is what we specialize in. We have anxiety and depression therapy that works.

Stress Anxiety Depression – We Specialize in Results and Rapid Change

Anxiety and / or depression is something that we have great success with handling and managing here at the Body & Mind clinic in Windsor, Ontario. Most people will say that they are not sure why they have it or where it started so we have been able to help people locate the beginning of the problem and actually remove the emotion that started it all. This process we have developed is called Rapid Emotional Release and Empowerment (RERE). It is truly amazing how quickly we can help people feel better quite quickly in most situations. yes anxiety and depression can be lifted. I say most situations because there are rare situations where some people actually think they are benefiting from the problem! This is called secondary gain. It is rare but it does exist. You might be reading this for you or for someone else. This other person maybe going through things that you are not aware of. Here at the Windsor, Ontario clinic of Body and Mind we specialize in all this. We also offer a FREE Evaluation to better understand the clients situation, to give them a chance to see how we can help and then we decide if we want to work with each other.
If you or a loved one are suffering from stress, depression, anxiety we can help.

Stress Anxiety Depression – It Does Not Matter How Long Ago or From What – We Have Methods That Work

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