Rapid Emotional Release and Empowerment also known as RERE has shown amazing effectiveness lifting signs of ANXIETY and DEPRESSION. We always recommend working with your medical doctor when anyone is on meds or medical care. We can never recommend going off meds without working with your doctor as your symptom begin to disappear.

Removes Anxiety and Depression Symptoms

RERE is a process that removes stuck emotional issues quickly and easily. It is a non invasive process that has been proven effective in the most difficult emotion issues and situations.

All emotions have been proven to improve with RERE. It has also been used with great success for issues such as anger, sadness, fears, guilt an more.

The process was developed by Body an Mind clinical director and therapist Rick Saruna. Proven with 1,000s of clients over 15 years RERE can help you remove issues as well as any blocks in your way to self improvement an empowerment. Call the offices of Body & Mind to learn more about the process that is changing the way therapy is being administered. The office number is 519-948-0078. Appointments are available evenings an weekends by appointment.

Body & Mind is offering a  FREE Evaluation as a special promotion. Many people report feeling better after this evaluation!

You can call the office at 519-948-0078 and get your FREE EVALUATION. Body and Mind in Windsor, Ontario.