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Rick Saruna founded Body and Mind in the 1990s. He is the developer of the various programs featured in the clinic.
Rick’s background in stress work, counseling and therapy allowed him to develop the internationally known programs at Body & Mind.
People from all over North America have traveled many miles to experience his expertise in his programs of Stress, Anxiety and Depression as well as addictive behaviors.
His background in psychotherapy has allowed him to discover and understand the underlying emotional issues in addictive behaviors and mood disorders. When you work with Rick you get a professional that will not only help you but also understand you.
One of Rick’s greatest gifts in his life experiences that gave him knowledge and understanding of what you are going through. He knows what works and doesn’t work from a practical standpoint, not from just a course, a training, a title or a certification. He has seen just about everything and welcomes difficult and unusual situations. Always seeking a challenge to help especially when someone thinks they have tried everything. This is Rick’s expertise.
Rick Saruna will personally see you and work with you.
An expert and developer of emotional release techniques, Victim Services Counselor, professional therapist, hypnosis instructor, NLP instructor, EFT instructor, author of “Thought Shifting – How to Remove Negative Inner Voice”, trainer and professional speaker. He can help you to uncover the root cause of issues, release them and help you remove negativity. If you are looking for long lasting answers as well as solutions Body and Mind in Windsor, Ontario is the place to call.

Rick Saruna is considered one of Windsor’s most experienced therapists. He was featured in the Windsor Star Think Wellness section.


Rick Saruna is one of Canada’s Most Experienced Clinical Specialists in Anxiety, Depression and Stress. An Renowned Expert in Smoking Cessation and Weight Loss.

We utilize a natural holistic approach and apply various techniques as needed.


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