“I eat when I’m stressed.” Sounds familiar?

This is a popular line among people who experience daily stress-triggers such as office problems, family tensions, and relationship dramas. However, the problem doesn’t end in stress-eating. It was discovered that you’ll store more of what you eat when you are experiencing stress.

According to a study conducted by the Ohio State University,

“Women who experience stress 24 hours before eating a high-fat meal showed the higher levels of insulin an hour after they ate than women who experience less stressful day.”

Insulin is a hormone that helps the body store extra calories as fats. Too much of this hormone can cause the body to burn lesser calories in every meal. According to the study coauthor Martha Belury, Ph.D., R.D. that would add up to at least 11-pound weight gain over a year. She added:

“Stress hormones, like epinephrine and cortisol, are a major determinant of how many calories you burn at rest.”

This study shows the importance of having a less stressful lifestyle in reducing your weight. Having stress is inevitable. You can’t control stressful events. However, you can always manage how you handle day-to-day stress. Enough sleep, healthy food, vitamins/food supplements, and relaxing activities like a body massage can help relieve you of daily tension.

Body & Mind helps with emotional management and hypnosis. Using hypnosis removes stress and helps change thought processes. Emotional management will help to remove stressors and triggers that lead to unhealthy eating. Body and Mind uses hypnosis because it allows a natural relaxation response in the body and everyone that is willing can be hypnotized. Mind Clinical Director Rick Saruna states that many people chase weight as the issue when in fact it is the stress that often causes the weight. This is why he always includes stress reduction in all their weight loss processes. Emotional release therapies he uses are both hypnosis and non-hypnotic. It depends on the situation and the individual.

For any situation where weight is ongoing one should look at the stress factor. Even if they think they are not stressed there could be underlying triggers that only a trained emotional expert can uncover and remove. It is of utmost importance to find someone that specializes in weight related issues. Rick Saruna of Body & Mind Windsor has been working with stress-related weight for over three decades.

According to Saruna:

“Many people that are stressed have a weight issue and they do not recognize its stress induced because it has been there for so long and those that know they are stressed have come to accept it. This is the real issue in many weight cases,”


Body and Mind is Windsor’s Best when it comes to weight-loss and stress related issues. Visit the health food store in the Body and Mind clinic for your nutritional needs – and also book a massage with our Registered Massage Therapist Jelena – she is GREAT!

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