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We Use Laser and Hypnosis With Nutritional Support
To Reduce Cravings and Emotional Eating

If you KNOW you want to lose weight we can help you! Have you tried THEIR diets only to gain everything back and more? Have you tried herbs and pills and realized when you stopped it all came back? Diets DO NOT WORK! People are human beings that must interact in different situations, lifestyles and stress. Every other program out there consists of a DIET and restricts what and when you can eat. This is NOT realistic in the long term for anybody.This is only part of the problem.

Stress is all around us and slows metabolism and causes cravings. Are YOU an Emotional Eater? If you are then WE CAN REALLY HELP YOU! We also specialize in Windsor Stress Therapy and we incorporate that into our programs. Our goal is to get people to become more relaxed and to change their relationship to food. You will be able to go anywhere you want and make better choices. Our clients report this naturally. Imagine not craving the foods you know you should not be eating. Our unique specialized processes work with the subconscious mind to create powerful changes in behavior.

Our programs work and we have helped change many lives. Our clients tell their life-changing experience with us.

What our clients have to say!…..

It has been 3 months and I have lost 30lbs without really trying. I still go out to restaurants, but now I always leave with a doggie bag. I eat everything but just a lot less. I never thought with me being on steroids that I would be able to lose weight. I have tried almost everything on the market and nothing else worked, until I found YOU. Rick makes losing weight SO easy. He takes away the cravings and helps you remind yourself why life is more important than food. I love coming to Windsor to see Rick and Patti and wish I had known about them sooner.

Lorie Charland, Clinton Township, Michigan

I am a nurse in North Eastern Ohio. I heard about laser for stop smoking and weight loss. My husband looked it up on the internet and found several but we decided to travel 175 miles to go see Rick & Patti at Body & Mind Natural Health because of their integration of laser therapy and hypnosis. We liked this idea because it approached weight loss from 2 aspects, physical addiction and psychological addiction. Laser and hypnosis weight loss works. It has been 6 weeks since my first visit to Body & Mind and to date I have lost a total of 19.4 lbs (3.23 lbs a week)! I still have a long way to go but I am showing no signs of slowing down!

Wendy P., Ohio, USA

Think it’s not enough? Listen to these audio testimonials of real people who experienced real results.

Weight loss clients discuss their experiences on what our program is really like.


Glen – lost 15lbs in 3 weeks

Listen To Glen


Bob – lost 23lbs in 2.5 months

Listen To Bob


Margie – lost 35lbs in 8 months

Listen To Margie


Barb – lost 45lbs in 8 months

Listen To Barb


Marge – lost 18lbs after 3 months without diet

Listen To Marge


Marge – lost 30lbs after 6 months

Listen To Marge


Wally – lost 19lbs after 7 weeks

Listen To Wally


Cheryl – lost 12lbs in 3 weeks

Listen To Cheryl

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Alice – lost 18lbs in 1 month without exercise

Listen To Alice

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Donna – lost 14lbs in 2 months

Listen To Donna

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Nadia – lost 6lbs in 2 weeks

Listen To Nadia

Photo Coming Soon

Sarah – lost 20lbs in 1 month without diet

Listen To Sarah

Photo Coming Soon

Carol – lost 20lbs after 2 months

Listen To Carol

Photo Coming Soon

Brea – lost 13lbs in 3 weeks

Listen To Brea

And So Many, Many More on File in Our Office. Visit us now and be one of our satisfied clients.

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Windsor Ontario Weight Loss With Laser and Hypnosis
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No Weighing Or Measuring!  – No Special Food
Medical Approved Hypnosis Works By Changing Thoughts Of Food and Reduces Cravings
Windsor Weight Loss Clinic

windsor weight loss

Body and Mind is Hypnosis and Laser for Windsor-Essex County Weight Loss

We are the leaders in providing weight-loss solutions for many satisfied clients in Windsor Ontario and Essex County. We work with a BODY & MIND approach to weight loss. This is why our clients enjoy the success they have with us. We help people create the changes they desire and keep them!

Barb Lost 35lbs

We work with PHYSICAL CRAVINGS of the body and THOUGHTS OF FOOD in the mind. Only Body & Mind does a combination of these techniques. This is why our program works. Let’s look more closely at what we mean by that. Most people know exactly what they need to do but do not know how do it. This tells us that this is more of a MIND issue than anything else! Very, very few people ever have come in and said they are doing everything exactly as they should and had a weight issue. We definitely fine tune things that you need to be doing and help you with a deeper inner motivation to create these changes within.

We also address a very deep and very real physical addiction issues as well. Many people have a very serious attraction to certain foods. It is a real addiction that makes people crave for SUGAR, CHOCOLATE, BREADS, YEASTY FOODS, CARBS, etc. This problem is so real and is something that we deal with. We have a very effective technique that works with the physical food cravings and we are able to manage, control and in many cases totally eliminate these deep physical desires. Imagine not feeling like food is calling your name and then sabotaging all your efforts.

We use a combination of methods and techniques each in themselves proven to be very effective. We use LASER WEIGHT LOSS methods. This process consists of the application of a low level powered light (laser) to specific energy points of the body predominately the hands, ears, and some facial points. This is similar to acupuncture but without the needles and it is totally pain free. This process that we use has been developed by us to increase metabolism. We have also developed a very unique and special process to eliminate sugar and/or chocolate cravings. Imagine not craving sweets?! This is also a process we include in our program.

Tired of Scales?

We Don’t Weigh You In and We Don’t Weigh You Out!

We also use HYPNOSIS. We are the leaders in HYPNOSIS THERAPY in Ontario. We are the Original Windsor Hypnosis Weight Loss Specialists. Because we are also experts in Stress Therapy we are able to apply many processes to remove emotional eating, removing stress and seeing results that just are not possible in other type of weight loss program in Windsor, Ontario or anywhere else. We use a professional hypnosis process and everyone can be hypnotized that is willing. This is NOT TV or bar room Stage Hypnosis.

Stage Hypnotists are entertainers and not many are therapists. Most Stage Hypnotists are not trained in emotional issues. The show might be good but weight loss therapy is not the same. We are full time professional therapeutic therapists specializing in creating a deep lasting change. In our processes you will always remain in complete control and always be totally aware of what is going on around you. We will also record all personalized sessions on CD for you to keep and for reinforcement to listen at home. We have been in our professional offices since the 1990s and we do not operate from a home. We take this very seriously and you should too.

We Are Also Certified Hypnosis Instructors

Our experience in teaching relaxation therapy and as HYPNOSIS Instructors not only will change your relationship to food, but you will be more relaxed and it will be easier to make those better choices.

Weight Loss through hypnosis has been recently featured on DATELINE TV as one of the most successful and beneficial methods of losing weight. In the WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE they compared some of the most popular methods and hypnosis came out on top with the person feeling great, more relaxed and motivated in many areas including exercise!

Jeff Weight Loss & Quit Smoking

Hypnosis needs to be properly applied and used. We are WINDSOR HYPNOSIS EXPERTS and not only do we use it daily in our practice but we also teach our profession and certify other hypnotists. We are certified hypnosis instructors by the NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists) and also the IMDHA (International Medical and Dental Hypnosis Association). When you work with us you can be sure you are receiving the most highly trained and experienced hypnosis specialist available. We also teach hypnotists from all over the world at both the NGH and IMDHA conventions and conferences.

We use a professional therapeutic hypnosis. This is much different than the entertainment hypnosis you see in stage shows. Stage hypnosis is NOT the same thing. In stage hypnosis not everyone can be hypnotized. With our professional therapeutic hypnosis we are able to get everyone in the hypnotic state of the subconscious where we can create the changes needed. Most stage hypnotists are NOT trained in therapy and have very limited if any clinical experience.

Stage Hypnosis is NOT the Same As Professional Hypnosis – We Are Full time Clinical Professional Hypnotists & Therapists

We are not looking for a drastic huge change in weight because that is not a lifestyle change you can maintain. This is why we work with a HYPNOSIS WEIGHT LOSS Program to work on a much bigger picture of stress control, relaxation and a healthier lifestyle. We will help you with many areas of your life. We also have discovered that many people have emotional blocks that diets just cannot change. Our background as professional therapists will help create lifestyle changes that you can maintain and have fun with.

Hypnosis for weight loss has a very big advantage over other types of programs because we work with the subconscious mind; the part of you that seems to do its own thing when it comes to weight loss. It’s easy for someone to hand you a diet program and tell you to follow it. It would be easy if your inner mind would accept it as what you truly desire. Hypnosis for weight loss is the only thing that works with that inner part of you that you are struggling with.

We have seen many people that have had bariatric surgery and did not lose weight. This is because they did not change their thoughts about food and they did not eliminate the stresses that cause metabolism to slow down. No matter what you do or have done to lose weight, hypnosis will be the difference to get you there and keep you where you want to be.

If diets really worked there would be no weight issues in the world. You would follow a diet and you would get the results you wanted. But they are not the solution. Stress is something that surrounds many people and often results in sleep difficulty, headaches, aches and pains. When people are stressed they just don’t crave celery sticks! Stress is real and only a program that includes hypnosis and relaxation therapy will help in this area

What every other program seems to be missing is the fact that you are both a BODY & MIND. All diets seem to forget this. Change will come when the two come together and join forces to work together towards your goal. Only hypnosis works with the power of your subconscious mind to create these changes. The subconscious mind is also home of all emotions. Anyone that tells you that weight is not an emotional issue has never had a weight problem! All hypnosis works with the subconscious relaxing you and balancing the body in so many soothing comfortable ways. Hypnosis is based on relaxation and the two work together. If you have trouble relaxing you will love these programs. If relaxing is already easy for you then this program will be quite natural for you.

We are the leader in hypnosis in Windsor. We are conveniently located in Windsor, Ontario. We have been doing weight loss hypnosis in Windsor since the 1990′s. This is our third decade serving the GREATER WINDSOR ONTARIO , DETROIT MICHIGAN area.

Our clinic has been providing hypnosis in the area for both residents of Essex County and the Detroit , Michigan area for many years now. If you are you tired of diets that don’t work on their own, you owe it to yourself to participate in our proven weight loss program.

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Our Processes Are Medically Approved – Windsor Weight Loss

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Key Benefits

  • The Combination of Laser and Hypnosis Actually WORKS!
  • Professional Full Time Therapists Working Out of a Professional Facility
  • Programs of Multiple Sessions Customized To Support Your Goals
  • Program Works to Control Emotional Eating
  • Relaxing and Peaceful
  • Simple and Easy
  • Eliminates Diet Spoiler called CRAVINGS!
  • Laser Works with the Body’s Natural Energy System Increasing Metabolism
  • Private HYPNOSIS Sessions Audio Recorded so you can Duplicate Relaxation by Listening at Home
  • Medically Proven and Approved – Hypnosis has been Medically Approved Since the 1950’s
  • Works in Many Situations Where Other Things Have Failed.
  • No Side Effects or Complications
  • Relieves Stress
  • Fell Better and More Confident
  • Works on the Inner Voice to Work Together to Create Long Lasting Change
  • Do the Things You Should Be Doing Automatically
  • Also Works with Whatever Else you Might be Doing or Program you Might Be On
  • Supplements May be Taken if Desired or Suggested
  • Works with any Medications or Health Issues
  • Medical Approved Windsor Weight Loss Clinic
  • No Weighing Or Measuring
  • No Scales
  • No Points To Count
  • No Expensive Herbs or Pills
  • No Injections and Crazy 500-600 Calorie Day Dieting That Will NEVER Last
  • Works Without Supplements
  • The Only Program That Removes Emotional Eating
  • The Only Program That Works To Naturally Remove Cravings

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We are located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, near the Detroit Michigan border. Across from Central Mall. Directly across from the Metro grocery store.

Body and Mind specializes in Weight Loss and the emotions behind eating. We also specialize in Counselling and Therapy, Marriage and Family issues, Anxiety, Anger, Fears, Sadness, Emotional Eating and Stress Management. We are Located in Windsor Ontario and only Minutes From the U.S. Detroit Michigan Border.

Body & Mind Natural Health Clinic- Windsor, Ontario