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Stress, anxiety, anger, fears, worry and negativity are all issues that can overpower all thoughts and thinking. Our processes will help you feel better quickly. Our unique process of Emotional Release Therapy and Thought Shifting will help you feel better quickly.  Unlike conventional therapies we will not have to spend lots of time on details because we will quickly begin removing the issues and emotional attachments. This is our specialty. We specialize in emotional issues and changing thought patterns and processes. We are so sure we can help you that we offer a FREE evaluation to listen to what is going on in your life and to explain how we can help you.

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Rick Saruna of Body and Mind is the author of Thought Shifting

We Wrote The Book On It .  We specialize in removing negativity teaching you to control  thoughts and thinking.

  We are authors of the book -” Thought Shifting – How To Remove The Negative Inner Voice in 30 Days”

FREE Evaluation – To Better Understand Your Situation and How We Can Help You – Windsor Ontario Counselling

Imagine how you would feel…… if nothing bothered you? For many just that thought in their mind, or the image of that feeling would be soothing and relaxing.

That’s because its exactly how you would feel without the negative emotional baggage of the past. Let’s face it, we have had negative emotional experiences and various emotional memories. So, we must understand that although we each may feel alone it is not an unusual situation. One doesn’t have to feel this way because there is help available. We recognize the uniqueness of the individual and the difficulty for some to face their problems for fear of the pain. This is quite normal. However, one does not have to suffer from the emotions of the past. Unlike other processes or types of therapies that focus on the painful issues we will teach you how to find and then focus on the solutions while removing the past.  Imagine no more anger, sadness, fear or phobia, anxiety or panic, trauma, grief or guilt.  Great for anger management issues, symptoms of depression, childhood issues, negative thinking patterns and so much more. Our processes help with many issues and our experience in clinical experience allows us to help those with stress, anxiety and other emotional issues or thoughts.

Unlike Conventional Talk Therapies – We Will Focus On Solutions Not The Problems With Our Windsor Ontario Counselling and Therapy

Emotional Release Therapies at Body & Mind are unique in that they are in most cases quite effective in quickly releasing the negative emotions. They do not dwell on the problem like talk therapy. This is quite unlike your typical therapies that in many cases could continue on for years and years. It doesn’t matter how long ago or how much other therapy a person has been to without results. The subconscious does not want to hang on to negative emotions and actually welcomes the release.

The subconscious mind has specific characteristics that allow this to happen. Unlike the conscious mind that has the concept of time and space, the subconscious does not. When a person feels pain from an emotional memory, its like its happening in the here and now. So, what happens is that consciously we are always trying to figure out what the subconscious is experiencing and most treatments are from a conscious understanding. We like to give the subconscious more respect and treat it in a way that makes sense at that level. We understand how the subconscious works from our background in Mind Development Seminars. We specialize in Windsor Ontario Counselling and Therapy that get quick results.

We Have Been Helping People Remove Stress Since The 1990s.

Here at our clinic BODY and MIND we keep things as simple as possible as we release negative emotions. Since negative emotions are quite similar in how they are stored and released, we have found excellent success in releasing issues in all ages no matter how recent or how long ago. Our counselling style is quite different because we are able to remove many root causes to thoughts and behaviors and then teach people to think differently without the emotions we release. The last thing someone wants to do is to create more issues through negativity. We help you not only remove the past but to learn how to create a positive future through new ways of thinking. It doesn’t matter the situation or anything else you may have tried. We have had great success with symptoms of depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, OBC, obsessive compulsive, grief, anger management, abuse issues, unresolved childhood issues, adolescent issues, bullying, confidence, self esteem issues and so many others.

We Also Work With Empowerment

Many people that come in to see us come in not to just remove the past but for many it is to find new ways to empower themselves in to the future. many of our programs include building confidence and self esteem for going ahead with things like a new business or a career change or move. It can be a fear of public speaking or a social anxiety. For students we help with exam anxiety and various fears and worries.

It is Not Just About Releasing The Issues – It Is About Learning New Ways To Think Differently-We Wrote the Book!

You owe it to yourself to look at and see at how Emotional Release Therapy could change your life in so many wonderful ways. It can allow you the freedom to clearly change the way you feel and live your life.

You will find our style of therapy and counseling refreshing and motivating. We incorporate a very unique approach that allows us to get results even in the most difficult cases. Incorporating some of the leading methods of NLP, Hypnosis, Timeline Therapy, Thought Shifting, EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy), counseling and BSFF (Be Set Free Fast) , RER (Rapid Emotional Release – much quicker, easier  and different than EMDR  – and it gets results in difficult cases.)We  will will help you to think differently and change thought processes quickly and easily.

Windsor Ontario Marriage Counselling and Therapy, Separation Therapy and Divorce Situations

A wonderful technique when working with relationships because of the difficulty in releasing thoughts and memories that many marriage relationships experience. In marriage counselling and marriage therapy too often someone cannot forget something or forgive someone. These processes work great in these situations. With separation therapy we look to see what you desire to have happen and we work with you to attain those goals in the relationship. We like to see families together and work things out. This is what we strive for. It is not always possible we know that and our goal is always to make sure family members are protected and to do the best for everyone involved. In cases of Divorce you need to be able to move on and our processes has helped many create the future they desire and deserve.

Learn To Think Differently With Thought Shifting

Our system of emotional release of past issues combined with our clinically developed Thought Shifting technique has allowed 1000s of clients to see and maintain some profound results. After the emotions of the past are relieved or released you are then taught how to use the powerful process of thought shifting to create a future you desire. Thought Shifting was developed by us to create changes in how you think and feel. It has been used and taught to 1.000s of people.

This is very important in moving on in ones life. You must not only let go of old emotions and thought processes, you must also learn to think differently. Any effective change will have to come with skills and methods of change. Whether it is marriage counselling, family therapies or individual counselling, it is vital to have the tools and methods to look at things differently to create the future you desire.

Our Counselling and Therapy is normally shorter than other methods and also  long lasting.

We Specialize in Unusual and Difficult Cases

We Encourage You To Bring Them To Us – We Get Great Success In All Issues
Because We Teach You To How To Think Differently
As We Remove Emotional Reactions

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