Thought Shifting Book –

How to Remove The Negative Inner Voice in 30 Days

Removing negativity and changing someone’s attitudes and beliefs is what it’s all about. Unfortunately, removing issues through any technique does not make a person suddenly positive. Negativity allows any situation to become a problem and all problems can become serious issues.

After working with many clients for many years, Rick Saruna recognized that even after he removed the deepest emotional trauma or issue, it did not make that person suddenly become positive. The real issue is that people have never been taught how to think. In society it is more natural to be negative than it is to be positive. This has to change.

Thought Shifting was developed to teach people step by step in an easy-to-follow process to change thoughts and thinking. In this presentation you will learn the techniques you can use and share. The book is called – “Thought Shifting – How to Remove the Negative Inner Voice in 30 Days.”

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