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Stress is simply a reaction to a stimulus that disturbs our physical or mental equilibrium. In other words, it’s an omnipresent part of life. A stressful event can trigger the “fight-or-flight” response, causing hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol to surge through the body. A little bit of stress, known as “acute stress,” can be exciting—it keeps us active and alert.

Imagine how you would feel…… if nothing bothered you? For many just that thought in their mind, or the image of that feeling would be soothing and relaxing.

That’s because it’s exactly how you would feel without the negative emotional baggage of the past. Let’s face it, we have had negative emotional experiences and various emotional memories. So, we must understand that although we each may feel alone it is not an unusual situation. One doesn’t have to feel this way because there is help available. We recognize the uniqueness of the individual and the difficulty for some to face their problems for fear of the pain. This is quite normal. However, one does not have to suffer from the emotions of the past. Imagine no more anger, sadness, fear or phobia, anxiety or panic, trauma, grief or guilt. Great for anger management issues, symptoms of depression, childhood issues, trauma, PTSD, negative thinking patterns and so much more.

Emotional Release Therapies at Body & Mind Natural Health Clinic in Windsor, Ontario are unique in a sense that they are in most cases quite effective in quickly releasing the negative emotions. They do not dwell on the problem like talk therapy. This is quite unlike your typical therapies that in many cases could continue on for years and years. It doesn’t matter how long ago or how much other therapy a person has been to without results. The subconscious does not want to hang on to negative emotions and actually welcomes the release.

We have worked with many people removing their symptoms of depression. Our techniques have helped countless people create changes when nothing else has worked. We specialize in locating root cause and releasing them. This effectively releases the symptoms and people often feel better much quickly. We never tell anyone to go off their medications and we recommend that we work closely with your health care medical professional.Body and Mind Stress Free

The subconscious mind has specific characteristics that allow this to happen. Unlike the conscious mind that has the concept of time and space, the subconscious does not. When a person feels pain from an emotional memory, it’s like it’s happening in the “here and now”. So, what’s happening is that consciously we are always trying to figure out what the subconscious is experiencing and most treatments are from a conscious understanding. We like to give the subconscious more respect and treat it in a way that makes sense at that level. We understand how the subconscious works from our background in Mind Development Seminars.

Here at Body & Mind Natural Health Clinic in Windsor, Ontario we keep things as simple as possible as we release negative emotions. Since negative emotions are quite similar in how they are stored and released, we have found excellent success in releasing issues in all ages no matter how recent or how long ago.

You owe it to yourself to look at and see at how Emotional Release Therapy could change your life in so many wonderful ways. It can allow you the freedom to clearly change the way you feel and live your life.

You will find our style of therapy and counselling refreshing and motivating. We incorporate a very unique approach that allows us to get results even in the most difficult cases. Incorporating some of the leading methods of:

  • Individual and Family Counselling
  • NLP
  • Hypnosis
  • Timeline Therapy
  • Thought Shifting
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy)
  • CBT Counselling
  • BSFF (Be Set Free Fast)
  • RERE (Rapid Emotional Release & Empowerment – a quicker and easier version of EMDR that gets results in many difficult cases.

Our system of emotional release of past issues combined with our clinically developed Thought Shifting – How To Remove The Negative Inner Voice in 30 Days technique has allowed 1000’s of clients to see and maintain some profound results. After the emotions of the past are relieved or released you are then taught how to use the powerful process of thought shifting to create a future you desire.

This type of Therapy and Counselling is normally shorter than other methods and with lasting results.

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Key Benefits

  • Simple and easy procedure for even the deepest emotions.
  • Releases anxiety, worry, trauma, sadness, guilt, worry, PTSD – post traumatic stress
  • Can be applied and used outside the office and at work or home
  • Long lasting benefits and in most cases PERMANENT CHANGE.
  • Focuses on the solution instead of the problem.
  • Effective in some of the most stubborn cases of conventional therapy.
  • Easy to implement into any stress or development program
  • Proven Methods To Change Thought Processes.


Sessions and Treatment Also Available by Phone or Skype

What our clients have to say!

I want to thank you so very much for all of your help–it is amazing how different my outlook on life seems in such a short period of time. As you know, for thirty years I have experienced depression (from mild to severe).

It is especially amazing to me after thinking about how many healing modalities I have tried over the last thirty years with varying degrees of progress. I have participated in several years of traditional psychotherapy, anger management, inner child workshops, Rolfing, Reiki, several meditation techniques, antidepressants, tranquilizers, hormone therapy, hands-on healing sessions, acupuncture, vitamin therapies, cleansing therapies, as well as 8 electro-convulsive shock treatments. I know that I have gained a lot of knowledge as well as some benefits from each but after experiencing your program I feel I’ve taken a quantum leap!

You have given me such incredibly valuable tools to use on my own that are actually very simple–I often wonder why no one ever told me about them before!

Also, I am quite surprised and pleased that as an added benefit, my physical health has made great improvements as well. Over the course of participating in your program I have been able to reduce my thyroid medication down to a minimal dosage.

Thank you so much for your sense of dedication to your work and for believing in me–you have definitely been a godsend in my life!

Debbie F., Southeast Michigan

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Body & Mind Natural Health Clinic- Windsor, Ontario

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