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When you were a kid, what was your experience with sport? When you participated in classes, team sports, lessons, or classes – was it fun? Did you learn new skills and look forward to your next event? And did it make you want to keep playing? Windsor Sport Improvement is geared to bring fun back to your game and take you to the next level.. Our Sports Improvement and Mental Conditioning Windsor Ontario is available locally and online. Some of the things we specialize in:

We can help you get back on track by removing any blocks and get back your focus.


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 Sports Improvement Mental Conditioning Windsor Ontario


All coaches talk about it. Players and parents have all heard it. Pro athletes swear by it. Some call it mental preparation, mental toughness, mental conditioning. It is the difference between average players and exceptional athletes.

The quickest and most effective way for any athlete to improve is mentally. Why is this? Definitely because very few people know how it works let alone how to teach it and use it.

Athletes often talk about getting into the “zone”. What is the “zone”? It is best described as that place where there are no thoughts interfering with performance. It is an interesting state of mind that is void of emotion and therefore, play becomes automatic and hyper-focused. Any seasoned athlete has been there and most really do not know how to repeat it.

Working with athletes is a specialty and an art. Not many therapists know how to do this.


Not Every Therapist Understands Athletes

There are different things to work with when it comes to athletes. There are usually issues such as confidence, slumps, coaching issues, injury recovery and personal issues and usually then degrees of negativity. It can all be fixed.

The most effective way we have seen mental conditioning therapy applied is by uncovering any emotional issue(s), removing it and showing the athlete how to change thought processes. Most coaches do not understand this. Many coaches are extremely negative and do not realize it.  Many times youth team players are in extreme need of mental training because of negative coaching. This is extremely evident in local hockey. It is pretty tough to address a whole team and not upset someone. Rick Saruna is extremely experienced in helping athletes improve their games.

As director of Body & Mind in Windsor, Rick has seen many young athletes brought in to overcome various issues in regards to coaching. This might be from benching, coach favoritism especially to their own children that are on the team. It might even be from undo pressure placed on them from parents. Many talented youth players are not having fun.


Everything Changes With Sports Improvement Mental Conditioning Windsor, Ontario

This can all be changed with the proper mental conditioning. He knows first-hand how kids are affected. Rick Saruna knows because he personally had an athletic hockey scholarship to a University in Minnesota. His son played competitive hockey winning 2 OMHAs and a AAA championship another year. There were many issues that needed to be handled and dealt with. Rick was also the Windsor Spitfires mental conditioning coach at the end of the last team ownership. He was then featured in a story when one of his OHL players he mentally conditioned scored 6 goals in 2 games.

“Many coaches should not be coaching. But there are no choices. You get what they give you. If you have a good athlete at home they do not have to be discouraged or fearful. We can build on their confidence and teach them to think differently. We can make this year a much better year. But it will not happen if we don’t do anything about it,” Rick told us from his clinic.

Rick Saruna is a mind and subconscious expert. He has worked with all levels of athletes. He also wrote the book on removing negativity. If you want to improve athletic skills in any sport you can contact  Body & Mind , 2303 Central Ave., Windsor,Ontario  for Rick Saruna’s availability.


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