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Body and Mind Relationship and Marriage CounsellingFirst of all, We can help you. The right therapist is vital. Someone that understands you that  can see the issues, hears you and can lift the emotional accumulation.

We also recognize that many relationship involve other family members and often children. We believe in the family when its working correctly and is a safe environment.

Improve your marriage or relationship by discussing your struggles with a marriage counsellor in a safe and confidential setting. If you are currently experiencing difficulties in your relationship we can help you with our Relationship & Marriage Counselling solutions. We have experience at all stages including before, during, and after. We can help you figure out where you are or need to be. If you are experiencing any relationship issue we can help. Whether it is trying to make things work, get them back or trying to move on in your life we can help you.

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When individuals come together, the process of combining different backgrounds, cultures and individual personalities can be at times a source of stress.

Our process and focus is different than many types of relationship counselling. Our clients always walk out feeling better because our whole process involves in making life better for everyone. We work on creating the changes you are looking for and we help them to be made. Focusing over and over on past issues from years ago will not change them. The only thing that changes anything will be knowing the future will be different.

We are Solution Oriented – Not Problem Focused

Our clinic specializes in emotional issues and emotional release. We have developed processes that quickly remove emotional issues and these include those of bad memories and things you are having problems forgetting. This is a process that we use to help people move forward. This is a whole different process that we have developed and we use it with clients to quickly change the way they feel. Your future will never change if all everyone talks about is the past.

We have also developed a process called Thought Shifting – that removes negativity. We wrote the book on it — it is called “Thought Shifting – How To Remove The Negative Inner Voice In 30 Days”. We specialize in creating changes in how you think and look at things.

Our couple and marriage therapy helps you through the process of identifying, recognizing, discussing and managing the challenges that couples may find themselves having to deal with. That’s one thing about marriage and family is that unexpected things may and do happen.

The number one problem that clients tell us is the lack of communication between spouses and family members. Our emphasis is on the improvement of communication to help couples resolve conflicts and build a positive and mutually respectful relationship. This would be like the relationship as it was in the beginning or perhaps like you were hoping it would become.

It is common to see couples experience challenges with:

We help you and your partner to develop and understand the skills necessary for a healthy relationship. This includes but is not limited to the following:

Sometimes if you decide you need to move on then we can help you with the transition and remove the negative thoughts and worries. Our specialty is removing emotional issues and free you from any recurring thoughts or worries. Our processes will take you into the future and get you out of your present. We specialize in removing anxiety, negativity, and worry. If left unchecked people can develop many other health issues including depression symptoms, insomnia, tension, headaches, stomach issues, weight loss or weight gain, etc. Our processes will quickly help you feel better and work through many of the stress and anxiety of going through divorce.

Marriage And Family Therapy – Family Counselling

Our counselling services assist not only your child but also you as parents and other family members in the family. When one member of a family is experiencing difficulties, everyone is always affected. It is helpful for you as a family to meet together to work toward resolving the troubling issues in a mutually respectful and constructive manner where everyone feels acknowledgement. We work together with you and your family to help manage and overcome some of the unexpected challenges in your lives.

Family Counselling will be helpful to you, if your family needs help with:

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