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The office director of therapy is Rick Saruna. He is therapist and counsellor, motivational speaker, & author. Rick understands issues and situations from his many years of experience and specialty of difficult and unique cases. A sought out EXPERT in getting results in difficult cases since the 1990’s. It is common for people to seek out Rick’s expertise when nothing else has worked. A specialist in emotional issues and their related physical symptoms, Rick also works with many therapists when it comes to them finding answers to life situations.

Rick has helped people with problems ranging from but not limited to: Anxiety, Panic, Sadness, Depression & Symptoms, Fears, Worries, Negativity, Anger, Anger Management, Guilt, Worry, & Frustration.

Rick Saruna is well known for removing symptoms and signs of stress and anxiety very quickly. He specializes in weight loss and quit smoking by dealing directly with the root cause of the problem.

As an emotional EXPERT developing new and various techniques to quickly remove emotional issues and change thought processes, it makes sense that he is a natural for helping people with WEIGHT LOSS without diets and to QUIT SMOKING without withdrawals or stress.

Life improvements are often hampered by worry and limiting thoughts. Rick’s goal has always been to remove root cause(s) that cause the behavior, the symptoms, and the limitations.

His experience with everyday life situations and common sense approach will simplify the most difficult issues and allow you to see things with hope, possibility and a new attitude.

Working with individuals, couples, families and children his experience has allowed people to create change no matter what has happened or what someone thinks might happen. Young adults and children react well as they are able to feel safe and comfortable.

Both men and women react well to Rick’s approach as he is able to remove root cause more quickly than conventional methods. Many women might feel uncomfortable discussing issues with a male but once they understand Rick is on THEIR side they quickly realize that by consulting with him they will now have a perspective from someone that understands them and will teach and show them from both sides of the fence. This helps removes barriers that have limited their ability to move on and leave situations that seem to be repeating themselves. This often validates them so they can have a healthy and happy relationship with themselves and then others. Remember that the focus is always creating the changes in the future and not just repeatedly reviewing the past. Creating solutions that are workable and possible to implement are the key and not reliving the past over and over. The processes used will release past issues and re-focus on a new future.

Rick has developed techniques and methods that allow people to quickly and comfortably release emotional issues, trauma, PTSD, and other situations that people do not want to talk about. The methods developed also allow minimum discussion when issues and stress have a high emotional reaction and people “just don’t want to talk about it”. It is the answer for many traumas and other situations that might be painful.

When it comes to couple therapy, marriage counselling, separation or divorce, Rick’s methods will allow a speedy release of built up emotions that will allow a resolution more quickly and easily. It is the emotional build up that people cannot release that makes people want to end things because they know of no other way. Releasing the emotional issues that lock in bad memories is the key to freedom. Rick’s techniques and processes specialize in doing just that.

Rick is also trained in energy psychology techniques and procedures. These include the emotional release techniques Emotional Freedom Therapy (Technique) EFT and BSFF (Be Set Free Fast) which he learned directly from the founders: Gary Craig (Founder of Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT) and Clinical Psychologist Dr. Nimms (Founder of BSFF), both of California. Rick’s techniques are ideal for emotional issues and difficulties.

Rick is also a Certified Hypnotist and Hypnosis Instructor. He uses hypnosis at different times and situations but it is not the basis of his practice. It is a great tool but it takes many tools to build a solid structure. Hypnosis is very powerful when used correctly and when and as needed.

Windsor Most-Effective-Therapist

Rick Saruna Body and Mind Windsor Ontario Award Winning Most Effective Therapist

Rick Saruna’s Hypnosis Training has included some of the leaders in the field including HYPNOSIS methods featured on a DATELINE TV Weight Loss Challenge. The hypnotist that was shown on national TV getting the incredible results with hypnosis weight loss has worked directly with Rick Saruna. Rick has also certified in Complimentary Medical Hypnosis for health issues and corrections. Rick uses such techniques when ever needed. At times, these techniques can be used to help with pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, insomnia, migraines and other health issues. The goal is to discover why a person has the symptoms not just to remove them. Removing only the symptoms can greatly lead to the possibility of something else can develop. The goal is to remove causes of symptoms to achieve an ongoing level of health and happiness.

Rick also studied and is certified in Stage Hypnosis. He studied the art to further his understanding of hypnosis. He trained with many Las Vegas performers. Unlike stage hypnosis, clinical professional hypnosis is quite different. In a clinical situation there is no loss of control and you are ALWAYS in control. Stage hypnosis demonstrates the power of hypnosis but clinical is much different in that it empowers the client at all times. Rick is available to to Comedy Stage Shows as well as Corporate Training demonstrating the power of the mind.

Rick is also a Certified Hypnosis Instructor. He was trained by Dr. Richard Harte of New York City. He also trained in Dr. Harte’s various business models. These models have been effectively used by some of New York City’s largest corporations. Rick also teaches regularly at the NGH Convention (National Guild of Hypnotists) and has taught at the IMDHA (International Medical & Dental Association). When Rick teaches at the NGH he teaches his techniques to 1000’s of therapists from throughout the world. His classes are always some of the most popular and always filled. He teaches groundbreaking methods and techniques to help therapists with difficult cases and to simplify processes.

Trained in many subconscious and conscious techniques Rick Saruna uses the best possible methods depending on the individual or group. He favors using both to maximize the results. He is the founder of THOUGHT SHIFTING. This incredible technique has the power to eliminate the negative inner voice. This is a conscious learned technique that has helped 1000’s of clients. Thought Shifting is an amazing technique that helps people understand their thoughts and thinking. The most powerful part of this is that unlike CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) that wants you to be aware of thoughts, Thought Shifting actually will allow you and teach you to eliminate the negative inner voice. An absolute must for self improvement and change at any level. Too many people focus only on the issues and not on preventing more issues from being created. Removing the issues is important but only by preventing more will a person have the freedom they desire. He has now released his book “THOUGHT SHIFTING – How To Remove the Negative Inner Voice in 30 Days”. This is the first book that explains in simple terms and solutions – negativity and how to change the inner voice.

Rick has also developed an incredible technique for elimination emotional issues. He calls it Rapid Emotional Release and Empowerment (RERE). It has proven successful with the most stubborn of emotional issues. RERE is a gentle and powerful process that allows people to quickly release the emotions looking in negative memories and thoughts. This process has been very popular because of its incredible success in removing the most stubborn of issues no matter how long ago or how severe. This process is something so powerful that it is unlike anything else available because of its speed and ability to release deep rooted issues. It can be an experience, a situation, a person, a relationship, a job, a fear / phobia, or a thought that is limiting you now or in the future.

Rick is passionate about alternative and complimentary techniques. His thoughts are if it’s working keep doing it, if it isn’t never stop looking for a solution. Many people find Body & Mind after not being able to get the results they are seeking through conventional methods.

We encourage people to seek conventional methods and in fact offer many ourselves. But remember it isn’t just removing the issue, it is also about preventing more from occurring. It is about changing thoughts and feelings, and building confidence in what you do and who you are as a person. This is where the change has to happen. This is also what we strive for those we work with.

Jack Canfield with author and Corporate Trainer Rick Saruna

Jack Canfield with author and Corporate Trainer Rick Saruna

Rick is always attending seminars to bring you the latest techniques that are available.

Rick is a therapist, lecturer and corporate trainer. When working with organizations and groups his message is clear, passionate, entertaining and hits right where it needs to be delivered. He is a regular presenter at the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) convention, presenting and teaching therapists from all over the world. Rick Saruna was awarded Therapist Of The Year by a local international magazine from the Windsor, Ontario / Detroit Michigan area.

Recent seminars have included World Headquarters of Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan.

Rick is looked to by top medical people and business people to not only improve professionally but also the quality of their own lives.

Better Business Bureau gives Body & Mind their top rating.

Rick is married with 2 children. He has a long history of being involved in hockey as both a player and coaching.

Rick has also works with athletes and sports improvement. He has worked with the WINDSOR SPITFIRES JR “A” hockey team as their player mind development and motivational trainer. He works with teams or on a per player basis and it is common to see his players instantly improve their games. Several of his players have now made the NHL. Sports improvement is one area that most athletes will see some very quick and almost instant results. Very quickly an athlete can have their fears , slumps, bad habits, etc and more released. If you are an athlete or the parent of one, we can help create change quickly and easily. This applies to all sports and any and all ages. From the blooming young athlete to the part time elderly golfer. All serious athletes will tell you after you have mastered the basics, it always become a “mental” sport and things like “mental toughness, the ZONE” become common descriptions of athletes in their top form.

Rick has also been featured on AM 800 radio EXPERTS ON CALL.

He has appeared many times as a guest. His shows have always had a great response.

Rick Saruna’s clinic Body & Mind Natural Health is located in Windsor Ontario. Clients often travel from Michigan and Ohio to experience some of their unique therapies. It is a very large approx 5000 sq ft Natural Health Center. We are adding therapists, therapies and services. The therapists found at the BODY & MIND Natural Health Clinic are independent therapists that are specialists in their fields and have years of experience. If you are not sure if we offer something, please ask. Our facility also offers services and training such as classes and seminars. Laser Quit Smoking and Laser Weight Loss and Anxiety programs has brought people from 1,000’s of miles away.

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