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If you currently or at anytime have felt any stress, we know that we can help you. If it is any change or self-development, we have easy and effective solutions. If it’s PEAK PERFORMANCE, you’ll love our programs. Whether it’s work or play, we can show you how to be in your top form. We have many programs that are proven effective by many of our satisfied clients. We work with the smallest issues to the larger unresolved symptoms of deep inner issues. We have a variety of practitioners and an even greater variety of solutions.

Like many others before you, we are sure that you will find answers and solutions here within this site. Take your time to discover us and you will find the answers you are looking for. Unlike other types of therapies, many of our programs have shown excellent results in very short periods of time. There are many factors in assessing each individual. Take time today to book a FREE EVALUATION to see how we can assist you and to gain an understanding for what we do. Our FREE Evaluations are real talks with you to gain a better understanding of your particular situation and issues. We will spend up to an hour answering questions and getting to know your particulars as we explain what we can do to help you. All these at NO cost to you. This allows our first session to bypass many questions and get right to removing the issues quickly.

We are leaders in the area of BEHAVIOR and HABIT CHANGES for all ages. We have worked with children from the ages of 5 to adults in their 90’s. We have also worked with couples with relationship issues. We specialize in a technique call THOUGHT SHIFTING. This is a unique and exciting process that allows you to gain control of your thoughts and your thinking. It has proven successful with negative thinking and thought processes. We incorporate this dynamic and proactive technique into all our personal improvement and stress programs.

The biggest difference you will find with our programs is that we are SOLUTION-oriented. We will help you focus on SOLUTIONS instead of focusing on PROBLEMS. Some of the issues below are some of the issues we have helped people with since the 1990’s. How are we able to work with all these things? It’s easy. We have the knowledge, the experience, and the expertise. Since we specialize in emotional issues you can quickly see that most of these areas and most issues have an emotional counterpart. If this is the case we can help you. Remember, up to one hour FREE evaluation to better understand you and help you feel at ease quickly.

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We are located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, near the Detroit Michigan border.  Across from Central Mall. Directly across from the Metro grocery store.

Body and Mind specializes in counselling and Therapy, Marriage and Family issues, Laser Weight Loss, Hypnosis Weight Loss, Craving Elimination, Emotional Eating and Stress Management. We are Located in Windsor Ontario and only Minutes From the U.S. Detroit Michigan Border.

Body & Mind Natural Health Clinic- Windsor, Ontario